I only care about you

University of the Arts London
London College of Communication
MA Graphic Media Design
unit 2



My father has been working in the Northeast China, and we reunited a few times a year. From time to time, I've often heard you hum this song, and I wonder if you sing it because you miss him. This song records your love for each other for 43 years. After you retired, Karaoke became your new interest. You lyrically record every moment of your memories into songs.

Inspired by "I Only Care About You", I designed a special limited-edition album of my mother's autobiography,with photos of the changing of family, and interspersed with photos of carnations bloom to express gratitude for mother's love and regret for her passing years. The album's main colors are ruby red and bright yellow, a symbol of passionate and gorgeous love.
The sharp contrast of choosing materials: ruby acrylic to create a hard, transparent texture, and the softness of rayon cloth, this contrast is the emergence of aesthetics; RISO printing and digital printing, monochrome and color collision of life together; the album is composed of 13 different thickness and touch of paper, the rich texture stimulates the desire to read the mother's life experience, but also alludes to the parents' love life.

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